The history of SAPRIL GROUP s.r.o. is closely related to the activity of SAPRIL s.r.o. It was found in1999 for the purpose of selling the packaging material. The company development resulted in the group structure layout and the formation of the holding company SAPRIL GROUP s.r.o., which has the majority shares in all group companies SAPRIL GROUP.

As the parent company, SAPRIL GROUP provides services within IT area, human resources, accounting management, purchase, and business. Each company division includes an experienced team of employees which provides optimum development of the company under the management supervision. Additionally to the services, SAPRIL GROUP s.r.o. provides controlling across the whole group.

The members of SAPRIL GROUP are manufacturing companies focusing on the production and sale of packaging materials and metal production, and non-manufacturing companies focusing on sport horse riding and human resources. More information is available in the references below.


Skyřická 110
434 01 Most-Vtelno
Firm domicile
Skyřická 110
434 01 Most-Vtelno
Accounting department
Tel.: +420 724 476 881


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